KHL-COMPANY carries out manufacturing of metal constructions, metal processing, as well as CNC turning and milling operations, serial production of hydraulic cylinders, repair of hydraulic cylinders. Our company finds an approach to each customer individually. We are on the market for 2 years only and in such a short time we were able to make a good showing.
Фрезерные работы


Milling is one of the most common metalworking methods, which is widely used in practice by the specialists of our company.

Изготовление и ремонт гидроцилиндров

Hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders are technically complex products used in the structural design of trucks, dumpers, motorized cranes, tractors, bulldozers, compactors, etc.

Сварочные работы


Welding is one of the best-known technological processes in metalworking.

Токарные работы


Turning is a method of parts machining and is used to transform a conventional metal workpiece into a spare part of required structure for various mechanical devices.