Milling is one of the most common metalworking methods, which is widely used in practice by the specialists of our company.
They have a great milling experience, know-how of key machining techniques and are familiar with special advanced trends. 

Specific features of milling
Milling involves machining of a metal workpiece using a special cutting tool – a milling cutter which rotates with the direction of feed of the milling machine so that a material layer is cut away and then removed (reuse of chips after remelting is possible).

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Hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders - are technically complex products used in the structural design of trucks, dumpers, motorized cranes, tractors, bulldozers, compactors, etc. When you choose a hydraulic cylinder it is important to pay attention to the key technical parameter – the level of nominal pressure. Also, you have to keep in mind that operating regimes at maximum and peak pressure are essential.

Изготовление гидроцилиндров Изготовление гидроцилиндров  Изготовление гидроцилиндров


Welding - is one of the best-known technological processes in metalworking. This popularity of welding has been ensured by its extensive application in national economy. Many types of industries cannot do without welding, for instance, shipbuilding, automotive industry, aerospace industry, agricultural machinery industry, etc.

For the purpose of carrying out welding, the company “Severnij Tehnopark” has its own welding and assembling production site which is equipped with modern welding machines:
  • semi-automatic electric arc welding machine;
  • semi-automatic argon-electric arc welding machine;;
  • TIG AC / DC;
  • semi-automatic welding machine;
  • automatic welding machine.
This equipment allows our company to carry out welding and assembling work and produce the most complex metal structures on an order basis and within a very short time with an optimum quality and cost of welding operations.
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Turning is a method of parts machining and is used to transform a conventional metal workpiece into a spare part of required structure for various mechanical devices. Turning processes are performed by means of lathes and tools. The major difference between turning and milling is that in case of turning it is the part that moves and as a result it is cut in a required way, while milling involves the operation of the cutting tool. In this case it is a multiblade milling cutter..


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